Friday, May 30, 2014

What's new in Faculty Publications

 115 references were added to Matas Faculty Publications in May.

This month we spotlight a tasty abstract from the Southern Regional Meeting of the American Federation for Medical Research by Drs. Chen, Monlezun & Harlan regarding preliminary results on the impact of Tulane's Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine

Chen Y, Monlezun DJ, Harlan T. (2014) "Recipe for improving chronic disease management: Personalized nutrition education for medical students via predictive multivariate regression models." Journal of investigative medicine. 62 (2): 555. 

Investigators "sought to accurately map predictive factors for competency and attitude deficits in a large cross-sectional study." Basically, they wanted to know which knowledge, attitudes and dietary practices in medical students predicted their attitudes and abilities to council patients about nutrition and diet. "Our results indicate that nutrition education for optimal improvement in medical student competencies and attitudes in nutrition education for patients is most predicted by personal dietary habits followed by past nutrition education." Bottom line: students who have a personal dietary plan and have received nutrition education prior to medical school tend to be the most likely to advise their patients on nutrition and diet. 

As a conference abstract, this particular work is not indexed in PubMed. We found it in EMBASE, another biomedical research database that indexes conference proceedings, reports and other gray literature in addition to PubMed articles. For a full list of abstracts at the Southern Regional Meeting (which is held annually in February in New Orleans) click here.

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