Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Carlos Finlay and Tulane

The Matas Library has some of the original documents related to Carlos Finlay and his early work on yellow fever on display. Rudolph Matas translated one of Finlay's important early works: "The Mosquito Hypothetically considered as an agent in the transmission of yellow fever poison", by Dr. Charles Finlay. New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal, NS9 (1882):601-616.

For more information on Carlos Finlay:
Finley, Carlos E. (1940) Carlos Finlay and Yellow Fever, New York: The Institute of Tropical medicine of the University of Havana by Oxford University Press. Matas Library Location: WZ 100 F49p

Rodriguez Cabarrocas, Raoul. (1960) "Carlos J. Finlay and Yellow Fever". Bulletin of the Tulane Medical Faculty, 19(4):219-228. [Dr. Rodriguez was the recipient of the B. Bernard Weinstein Award] (.pdf version online)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tulane and Charity Hospital Exhibit

There is a Charity Hospital Exhibit on display at the Entrance to the Rudolph Matas Library. A few of the images are available as a slideshow.

"The history of Tulane University School of Medicine’s involvement with Charity Hospital is long and storied. Tulane, originally founded as the Medical College of Louisiana in 1834, has long played a role in both caring for the poor and shaping the future of the hospital." - The History of Tulane University School of Medicine's Involvement with Charity Hospital - By Douglas R. Lincoln (Class of 2007)

See related publications:

Leighninger, Robert D., Jr. Big Chairty: A History of New Orleans' Public Hospital. Louisiana Cultural Vistas (Fall 2007):p.19

Katz, Alan. Big Charity: A History of Emergencies. Tulane Medicine, 23(1): 14-21. Spring 1992 (First appeared in New Orleans Magazine, Nov. 1991)