Friday, April 22, 2016

#fbf Matas Library flooding April 2014

#flashbackfriday to April 22, 2014, the night an incubator on the 3rd floor of the Hutchinson Building overheated, setting off the sprinkler system in the Matas Library journal stacks.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Medicine Grand Rounds References now available: Any Road to a Cure: the Neuroblastoma Story

Grand rounds welcomed Tulane School of Medicine '95 alum Dr. Christopher Weldon for the annual AOA lecture. Dr Weldon provided a wonderful overview of neuroblastoma - it's history, treatment, and current research. Read more about it on the Medicine Grand Rounds list. 

References from Medicine Ground Rounds for April 13, 2016: Any Road to a Cure: the Neuroblastoma Story are now available: 

Each week librarians at the Matas library attend Medicine Grand Rounds. Articles and resources mentioned during the presentation are recorded and presented for your perusal via the links above.

Please watch your personal items

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A gentle reminder that the Matas library is not responsible for items left unattended. Please do not leave laptops or other personal items unattended in any area of the library.

In the event your items are burgled, we definitely want to know, but more importantly, report the incident to the Security Desk on the first floor of the School of Medicine Building.

Thanks and stay vigilant!

Tulane Police Department Downtown District Contacts
504-988-5555 (emergency)

Monday, April 11, 2016

Nine Things You Need to Know About Copyright

The Association of University Administrators recently published their Good Practice Guide to Copyright (Good Practice Guide #42).

It it, you'll find Nine Things You Need to Know About Copyright