Monday, July 20, 2009

NEW - First Consult -- an evidence based point of care tool in MDConsult

A MESSAGE FROM Neville Prendergast
Director, Rudolph Matas Library of the Health Sciences

Tulane health sciences faculty, students, residents and staff now have campus wide, and remote access to MD Consult for which we formerly had only a 5-user access limit. In addition we now have access campus wide to FIRST Consult – the evidence based point of care tool, which is part of the MD Consult suite of resources. Please access First Consult from within MD Consult at or from the library’s web page at

There are brochures and flyers which have information and brief previews of First Consult in the Matas Library. Classes and seminars will be available. Please let the Matas librarians know if you are interested in the Evidence Based Medicine and Point of Care seminars.

The library is making every effort to provide increased and improved access to resources. On that note we are negotiating access to EMBASE, a critical tool across the Health Sciences disciplines for clinicians and researchers that enhances current Medline by providing more international access to journal articles NOT published in Medline, including access to more pharmacology and pharmaceutical research.

FYI: Here is some technical information to help users with handheld / PDA access.