Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tulane and Charity Hospital Exhibit

There is a Charity Hospital Exhibit on display at the Entrance to the Rudolph Matas Library. A few of the images are available as a slideshow.

"The history of Tulane University School of Medicine’s involvement with Charity Hospital is long and storied. Tulane, originally founded as the Medical College of Louisiana in 1834, has long played a role in both caring for the poor and shaping the future of the hospital." - The History of Tulane University School of Medicine's Involvement with Charity Hospital - By Douglas R. Lincoln (Class of 2007)

See related publications:

Leighninger, Robert D., Jr. Big Chairty: A History of New Orleans' Public Hospital. Louisiana Cultural Vistas (Fall 2007):p.19

Katz, Alan. Big Charity: A History of Emergencies. Tulane Medicine, 23(1): 14-21. Spring 1992 (First appeared in New Orleans Magazine, Nov. 1991)