Friday, May 9, 2014

Mobile Spotlight: Browzine Updates

Browzine, TU's literature surveillance app for your tablet, has several new improvements:

Subject Search - Users may now search to find a subject area of interest. This feature makes it even easier to discover, browse and read journals in BrowZine.

New Content - Recent additions to supported publishers and journals include: American Dental Association, Bloomsbury Publishing, Human Kinetics, MIT Press. Full list of supported publishers.

Did you know? Browzine can directly export journal information to RefWorks, but not EndNote. Here's why:
Why is EndNote not available as an export option? We appreciate that many researchers rely on EndNote and recognize the value of integrating with this service. However, our integration with EndNote depends on Thomson Reuters writing an API for EndNote and they have yet to do so.
Installing Browzine: Download the free app. When you launch BrowZine, select Tulane University from the drop down list. Then just log in with your off-campus credentials, i.e.: your email username (without the '') and password.