Monday, May 5, 2014

How to find conference abstracts in EMBASE

Did you know? Embase not only provides full coverage of materials indexed in MEDLINE/PubMed, but also thousands of other publications, including conference abstracts. Now it's easier than ever to identify different publication types using Embase result filters. Check out this handout for more information.

More new features from Embase (via Elsevier):

More drug information

To better support your pharmacovigilance and comparative drug monitoring activities, a search in Embase now gives you easy access to information from PharmaPendium, including links to FDA/EMA approval and drug review reports and to preclinical and clinical observations and reported adverse events (AERs). Please note: Tulane does not current subscribe to PharmaPendium, so some features may be limited.

New data export options

In response to user demand, we’ve added the possibility to export filter data, opening up several new possibilities for analyzing data. For example, now you can now review the complete list of diseases found in combination with a particular drug search for possible new, undiscovered or under-investigated adverse effects.

Faster and easier access to data

We’ve made Embase faster and improved the design and accessibility of the search forms making it easier to identify and use available search options.

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