Wednesday, May 14, 2014

New custom PubMed filters for Evidence-Based Practice

Finding systematic reviews, meta-analyses, practice guidelines, clinical trials, and case reports in PubMed just got a whole lot easier.

Rudolph Matas Library has developed and incorporated custom filters in PubMed to help you find the evidence-based information you need quickly. Start at the Matas Library web site ( and select PubMed@TU from either the search box or the Resources menu. After you search PubMed for your research topic, a list of custom filters will appear with your results. These filters will help you isolate systematic reviews, meta-analyses, practice guidelines, etc. from your list of results with a single click. A filter to limit results to the area of Toxicology (incldung environmental health) is also available.

In order to utilize these custom filters, you must access PubMed through the Rudolph Matas Library web site.  

If you have any questions about this new PubMed feature or any of our other resources, please contact