Friday, November 22, 2013

Historical Book Spotlight: "Do You Want to Become a Doctor?" (1939)

This is a question that many students sitting in the Tulane Health Sciences Center have encountered at some point during their life (and may likely be considering again at this very moment).

Back in 1939, Dr. Morris Fishbein set out to give aspiring doctors information about the (then current) landscape of the medical field, along with issues that would be faced in the future.

Topics covered in this book include Medical Education Today, Preparation for Medical School, Cost of Medical Education, The Internship, The Specialist, On Beginning Practice, and The Future of Medical Practice. While written over 70 years ago, many of Dr. Fishbein's topics are relevant for aspiring and practicing doctors today.

Tulane's School of Medicine blurb:

Do You Want to Become a Doctor by Morris Fishbeing, M.D. (Call Number: W 21 F532d 1939)