Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Toxicology Learning Tool Released: An update from NLM

Module I (“Introduction to Toxicology and Dose-Response”) of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) ToxLearn was recently released. ToxLearn is a free, multi-module learning tool that provides an introduction to fundamental toxicological principles and concepts. It is a joint project of the National Library of Medicine and the Society of Toxicology .

Select terms in this resource are linked to a peer-reviewed glossary and quizzes are included. ToxLearn can be useful for users of NLM’s toxicology databases, undergraduates studying toxicology or related disciplines, and others seeking a basic understanding of the field.

ToxLearn is an update of NLM ToxTutor , which was designed to provide a basic understanding of toxicology as an aide for users of toxicology literature contained in the National Library of Medicine’s toxicological and chemical databases. ToxLearn will update and expand on that effort.