Friday, August 3, 2007

Academic Medicine, Special Disaster Issue (Aug.2007)

Excerpt from the Editor of Academic Medicine - A "new challenge is emerging: all institutions, including those of academic medicine, are increasingly at risk of facing major disasters, both natural and man-made. ...This is also a very special collection for another reason: several of the articles provide insight into the extraordinary commitment that members of the academic medicine community have to the students and residents whom they are educating ..." ([From the Editor] - Responding to Disasters: Lessons for Academic Health Science Centers / Whitcomb, Michael E. MD (pg. 731-732)

Link to Academic medicine, 82(8) August 2007

Issue Contents include: Tulane University School of Medicine / Krane, N Kevin MD (pg. 802-803) -- Baylor College of Medicine's Support of Tulane University School of Medicine Following Hurricane Katrina / Searle, Nancy S. EdD; the Writing Committee (pg. 745-756) -- Surviving Hurricane Katrina: Reconstructing the Educational Enterprise of Tulane University School of Medicine / Krane, N Kevin MD; Kahn, Marc J. MD; Markert, Ronald J. PhD; Whelton, Paul K. MD; Traber, Peter G. MD; Taylor, Ian L. MD, PhD (pg. 763-768) -- Coping with Disaster: Relocating a Residency Program / Conlay, Lydia A. MD, PhD; Searle, Nancy S. EdD; Gitlin, Melvin C. MD (pg. 763-768)