Friday, December 5, 2014

New content sharing features available for select Nature titles

Nature Publishing Group (NPG) has introduced an experimental new functionality on and a beta set of content sharing principles and guidelines that will:
  • Enable subscribers to share a read-only version of full-text subscription articles published in 49 journals on This includes Nature, the Nature Reviews and Nature Research titles, as well as select academic journals. This sharing is intended for personal, non-commercial use.
  •  Enable 100+ media outlets and blogs to link to a read-only version of full text-subscription articles.
This means users at Tulane can for non-commercial purposes, legitimately and conveniently share a unique URL to the full-text read-only version of articles of interest with colleagues who do not necessarily have a subscription via a shareable web link on This applies to articles within journals that your institution has a site license to. Users can:
  • Store abstracts, metadata, published journal articles for private use
  • Share a read-only hosted "quick view" of a published journal article with anyone for their personal, non-commercial use
  • Readers of read-only articles will, for personal and non-commercial purposes, be able to:
  • Store abstracts, metadata for private use
  • View a read-only version of a published journal article
This experimental feature is expected to be available for the next year.

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