Friday, November 21, 2014

Grand Rounds now available: Evidence-based approach to Labor; Pregnancy pharmacology & toxicology; Sickle Cell Disease; Ebola and pediatrics

Resources from Medicine Ground Rounds for November 20, 2014: "Objectifying the Subjective:  Physician attitudes, patient behavior and the data behind treatment of vaso-oclusive crises pain in Sickle Cell disease" are now available: 

Resources from Pediatric Ground Rounds for November 21, 2014: "Pediatric Considerations for Ebola" are now available:

Resources from OB-GYN Ground Rounds for November 7, 2014: "Comfort During Labor: an evidence-based approach" and November 17, 2014: "Pharmacology/Toxicology of Pregnancy" are now available:

Each week librarians at the Matas library attend grand rounds for selected departments in the School of Medicine. Articles and resources mentioned during the presentation are recorded and presented for your perusal via these links.