Monday, October 6, 2014

Resources on Ebola from the Matas Library, the National Library of Medicine, and the CDC

***Matas Library Guide for Disasters and Public Health- Ebola***

***NLM Information Resources for the 2014 Ebola Outbreak***

The updated announcement from NLM features “Ebola Outbreak 2014: Information Resources,” the Emergency Access Initiative, Virus Variation: Ebolavirus Resource, PubMed, Disaster Lit, and MedlinePlus resources on Ebola.

***CDC Ebola Microsite for healthcare workers now available.***

CDC has created an Ebola microsite, a collection of selected web pages, that can be embedded within any website. With a simple embed code, a hospital, health system, library, or health department website administrator can pull in a collection of dozens of CDC pages, a news feed, and a Twitter feed featuring the most current Ebola content, guidance and resources for healthcare practitioners. The content is updated by CDC and requires no updating by the host website. The embed code for this microsite is available in CDC’s new syndication site, the Public Health Media Library, The Library offers the microsite as well as 60+ Ebola HTML web pages. Images, infographics, videos, and other media are also being added. Instructions, guides to syndicating materials, and access to technical support are readily available on the site.