Thursday, July 31, 2014

Create maps, tables and reports with PolicyMap

PolicyMap is an online mapping tool that enables access to data about U.S. communities and markets. Use it for research, grant applications and impact analysis by creating custom demographic maps, tables, and reports. 

What can you do with PolicyMap? Analyze communities at the neighborhood-level using data which drives Healthy People2020 goals/objectives.

 Register for basic training webinars to learn how to create map elements: data layers, and data points to describe a geographic area. Trainers welcome phone calls: 1-866-923-MAPS (6277)

This blog provides ideas about creating custom maps and reports using data available via PolicyMap.

Check out this blog entry which demonstrates how 3 maps were created for a healthy food access project using data available in PolicyMap: food access, consumption and diet-related health indicators, and food assistance program participation.