Monday, June 30, 2014

What's new in Faculty Publications

124 references were added to Matas Faculty Publications in June.

This month we feature a new publication from members of Tulane's Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine:

Drury SS, Mabile E, Brett ZH, et al. The association of telomere length with family violence and disruption. Pediatrics. 2014. 

This study examined the association between family interpersonal violence and disruption and telomere length in youth, finding that telomeres are sensitive to adversity within the overarching family domain. These findings suggest that the family ecology may be an important target for interventions to reduce the biological impact of adversity in the lives of children.
Dr Stacy Drury
Emile Mabile, MPH
Dr Stacy Drury is Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and the the director of Tulane's Behavioral and Neurodevelopmental Genetics Laboratory (BANGL). The laboratory includes both a molecular genetics basic science “wet” laboratory and a translational research program. BANGL's research focuses on how the interaction of genetic and epigenetic factors with early experience shapes child neurodevelopment and long term health outcomes in children.

Emily Mabile, MPH is Research Program Coordinator for the Neighborhood Stress and Physiology Among Children (NSPAC) Study at the Mary Amelia Women’s Center (MAC) at Tulane University and a member of the Department of Global Community Health at TU School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine.

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