Friday, May 13, 2011

A Matas Library Exhibit on The Bogalusa Heart Study and Gerald S. Berenson, MD.

Finding the answers to fundamental questions about heredity, diet, and environmental aspects of early coronary artery disease and essential hypertension became the life work of Tulane alumnus and cardiologist, Dr. Gerald S. Berenson. This exhibit highlights the Bogalusa Heart Study, featuring the Health Ahead/Heart Smart curriculum, a few of Dr. Berenson's many awards, newspaper articles, books, and other ephemera.

Visit the library to view the exhibit, The Bogalusa Heart Study: Gerald S. Berenson, MD. - Comprehensive—and ahead of his time, which will remain open through the summer.

Dr. Gerald Berenson started the Bogalusa Heart study in 1973 and continued his research for the next 39 years. Watch a video about this groundbreaking research study.

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