Wednesday, November 10, 2010 has conference abstracts! - MEDLINE alone is not enough to find abstracts and posters.

Keep up to date with the latest biomedical research with the conferences coverage provided in the Embase database licensed by the Matas Library. Embase now covers more than 800 conferences with over 270,000 conference abstracts. Embase has over 7,500 peer-reviewed journal titles with over 60 topic area, 30 core clinical and pharmacology topics that represent 70% of Embase content. Embase has over 24 million records with PubMed having 20 million citations. A quarter of the Embase content is unique.

With conference coverage in over 30 drug, clinical and device-related topics, Embase is a resource that must be included in your literature searches.
View the list of conferences covered.