Friday, June 25, 2010

Flashcards: A new feature in Exam Master Online

Current users of Exam Master Online will find a new Flashcards feature available once you log in to your personal account.
Select "Flashcards" in the list of buttons on the left and you will find the ability to create individual flashcards and also file them into flashcard groups. You have the ability to create, edit, and view your flashcards. There is a help file to guide new users through the process. You may also convert any of your study notes into a flashcards. You will see a new option at the bottom of your study note to "Make this note a flashcard".

The Matas Library hopes that you will find Exam Master Online useful!
  • Medical Students – USMLE Review – All three steps!
  • Residents – USMLE Review, Medical Specialty Board Review
  • Physicians – Medical Specialty Board Review, perfect for certification or recertification

Not familiar with this resource? Create an account and check out the question banks for study. Users must be on the Tulane network to register (create an account). Log-in to the proxy if off-campus authenticate from the Library website.