Monday, July 7, 2008

NIH Public Access Policy: How to Deal with the PMCID

As of May 25, 2008, you must include the PubMed Central reference number (PMCID) on NIH applications, proposals, and progress reports when citing an article that falls under the new NIH Public Access Policy. There is a FAQ available on "Public Access Frequently Asked Questions" via the NIH website.

List the PubMed Central reference number (PMCID) at the end of the already-required full journal citation for the paper in applications, proposals and reports.

Cerrato, A., et al., Genetic interactions between Drosophila melanogaster menin and Jun/Fos. Dev Biol. 2006 Oct 1; 298(1): 59-70. PMCID: PMC2291284

Sala-Torra, O., et al., Connective tissue growth factor (CTGF) expression and outcome in adult patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Blood. 2007 April 1; 109(7): 3080–3083. PMCID: PMC1852221

Please contact the Rudolph Matas Library if you have questions concerning PMCID numbers and citation mangement programs, such as EndNote and RefWorks. If you are using RefWorks to apply for an NIH grant, the University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries has a page on Using RefWorks or EndNote to Manage NIHMSID & PMCID Numbers. <>