Friday, June 20, 2008

Links to the Matas Library Past

"The best remedy for the "blues" and the best way to forget discouragement about the progress of medicine, that I know, is to peep into the reading rooms of the library, as I have done often, and see twenty-five, fifty and more students, teachers and physicians of the community there working and storing up in their own minds and souls the knowledge and thoughts so bountifully gathered there for them; or to arrive early on a Monday morning and see on the receiving tables, the loads of books and material which were taken out for use over the weekend. It gives me a real thrill and a boost of spirits every time I see it." - p.8 Address, Charles C. Bass, M.D.

"There is much that I could say regarding my now historic relations with this library which, since its birth, I have looked upon witha paternal solicitude almost as if it were my own child..." - p. 21, Response. Rudolph Matas, M.D.
From the Program and addresses at the Dedication of the Rudolph Matas Medical Library, November 29, 1937. (Reprinted: New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal, pp.532-539, Vol. 90, No.9, March 1938)