Monday, June 24, 2013

New drug, statistics & biophysics resources from Matas

Now available online:
The Merck index online offers information on chemicals, drugs and biologicals- the same information as the print edition in a convenient and easily searchable full text database. It contains over 11,500 monographs, including historic records not available in the print edition.

Biophysics is a rapidly-evolving interdisciplinary science that applies theories and methods of the physical sciences to questions of biology. Biophysics encompasses many disciplines, including physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, biochemistry, medicine, pharmacology, physiology, and neuroscience, and it is essential that scientists working in these varied fields are able to understand each other's research. Comprehensive Biophysics will help bridge that communication gap. 9 volumes.

Handbook of Statistical Genetics, 3rd ed. (Wiley)
The Handbook for Statistical Genetics is widely regarded as the reference work in the field. However, the field has developed considerably over the past three years. In particular the modeling of genetic networks has advanced considerably via the evolution of microarray analysis. As a consequence the 3rd edition of the handbook contains a much expanded section on Network Modeling, including 5 new chapters covering metabolic networks, graphical modeling and inference and simulation of pedigrees and genealogies. Other chapters new to the 3rd edition include Human Population Genetics, Genome-wide Association Studies, Family-based Association Studies, Pharmacogenetics, Epigenetics, Ethic and Insurance. As with the second Edition, the Handbook includes a glossary of terms, acronyms and abbreviations, and features extensive cross-referencing between the chapters, tying the different areas together.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Coding Resources in Transition: DSM-5 (now online in Psychiatry Online) and ICD-10

Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders :DSM-5 is now available at the Matas Library Information Desk for in-house use.  The online is now available in PsychiatryOnline.  Tulane will have access to both DSM-5™ and DSM-IV-TR® until October 1, 2013. At that time the online DSM-IV-TR® will be removed and added to the PsychiatryOnline site as a PDF.
 Reference WM 15 Am3d.5 2013

In addition to the DSM coding changes, be aware of the transition from the 30-year-old ICD-9 code set to ICD-10.  On October 1, 2014, the ICD-9 code sets usedto report medical diagnoses and inpatient procedures will be replaced by ICD-10. 

VisualDx 6.20 now includes both code sets for the dermatology codes!  In preparation for the October 2014 deadline for ICD-10 transition, VisualDx (online & mobile dermatology differential and diagnosis search) includes billable ICD-10 codes for all diagnoses.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

ClinicalKey - Check out the new ebooks

Check out the new ebook titles in ClinicalKey!

ClinicalKey access is available from off-campus for Tulane users.  
Search Books to locate books by title!

ClinicalKey is the search engine for Elsevier journals and books,  FirstConsult and ProceduresConsult and much more.  Images may saved from the database and used in presentations. There are more than 1000+  full text books and also journals including "The Clinics" from Elsevier in ClinicalKey

MDConsult was phased out for Tulane users on Jan. 1, 2013, but that content along with the ProceduresConsult program for Surgery Testing is still available..  The FirstConsult app continues to be available, plus the complete content of FirstConsult is searched in ClinicalKey.  Please let us know if you have problems with the functionality of the ClinicalKey platform.

TULink now works from ClinicalKey!  Matas is are still working on the back end set up to get the ebooks in the Catalog or SearchAll@Matas!  Stay tuned.  Many of the texts are included in the Books tabs of the Matas Subject Guides.  You can search the guides from the Guides tab.

Let us know if you have problems!